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         Ponds are some of the most relaxing outdoor water features and if done correctly can be indoors as well. We recommend using durable, quality products with a biological, mechanical, and  chemical filtration system that can handle extreme weather for the health of all your entire aquatic community. In most cases ponds only get a water change once a year if that so maintenance and creating an ecosystem are very important.

          Koi can grow over 2 feet in length, live over 200 years, are peaceful, come in a variety of colors, and no two are identical. These characteristics make the Koi a very unique species. 

Pond Filtration

Helix Moving Bed Waterfall Filter:

*Heavy duty roto molded body

*Stainless steel hardware

*High quality plumbing parts- 3/4" - 2"

*K3 kaldness media 50 liter

*32" x 32" x 32"

*Radial air diffuser - 5"

*Increase dissolve oxgen level in your pond

*Grow your koi huge

Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor Filter:

*Clean filter without getting dirty

*Clean your filter with pond water-this saves your benaficial bacteria

*Does not require filter pads

*Large biological filter capacity

*Increase dissolve oxygen levels 

*Air assisted cleaning cycle

*Upper and lower drain for sludge and solid removal

Helix Pond Skimmer:

*Fish can swim in & out of the skimmer

*Self adjustable floating 15" circular wier 

*Media pad to protect pump & add benaficial bacteria to your pond

*Auto fill installs made easy

*Helical flow creates a vacuum for debris

*8" x 8" diameter opening

*Pond trade magazine 2012 product of the year- FISH SAFE SKIMMER

Helix Settlement Tank:

*Removes small to larger solids before entering your filter.

*Larger capacity of any leaf tray to help collect more debris.

*Waste is directed out of the pond into a dedicated area so the aquatic life is free of harmful gases.

*Easy to clean and install

Helix Submersable Pump:

*2 years warranty from manufacterer

*Continuous duty air filled copper wound highly efficient motor

*Ball type air relief valve

*Permanently sealed lubricated ball bearings rated b-10 60,000 hours

*Solid handling semi vortex impeller

*Energy saver

Helix External Pump:

*3 year warranty from the manufacterer

*Weather proof motors

*Superior quite opperation

*Reliable long lasting pump

*All sizes(except 3600 model) have dual voltage motors, pumps are shipped 115v and can easily be changed to 230v

*Optional leaf trap

Pond Cleanout

Pond cleanouts annually are very important to help maintain a healthy enviroment for your aquatic community. Debris such as leaves, grass, algea, and weeds can all be found in your pond at one point throughout the year. Your benaficial bacteria will only break down so much.What's left will eventually turn into a sludge that causes harmful gases and create nutrients that your algea loves to feed off of. Algea will start to bloom and in some cases take over your pond. Depending on your filtration and pond design, you may not need an annual pond cleanout and only routine maintenance. Its a huge mess and a process to drain, put the your fish in holding tanks with oxygen, pressure wash, boulder placement,plant trimming and relocation. All the sludge must be taken out so your aquatic community can breath fresh water and not waste water. This needs to be done in a timely matter so the water in your holding tanks doesnt go bad or heat up. We recommend doing cleanouts in the spring, although we will do a cleanout any time of the year for the health of your aquatic life.

Every 2 weeks-
Once a month- 
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