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   Advanced Aquascapes service is to create a design to preserve and cultivate a healthy ecosytem for your aquatic and reptile community.To maintaine optimal water quality and a clean enviroment, maintenance is required. By scheduling a one time or routine maintenance (weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month) service we can help you achieve this. We are a maintenance company that collaborates with wholesalers, local companies in the same industry, and sub- contractors to deliver a quality product for our clients. 

   What is most important to us at Advanced Aquascapes is the Aquatic and Reptile life itself, learning and working together with each customer we help them maintain and enjoy a thriving aquatic and reptile community. The animals are the number one reason we are in business. We encourage every client to get to know and understand their animals requirements so they can have a long, healthy life in captivity.

Services offered

Pond design consultation:

    - Free estimates over the phone

    - Design consultant for contractors

    - Equipment Sales

    - Routine and one time maintenance

    - Pond clean outs

    - Supply fish and food

Aquarium design consultation:

    - Free estimates over the phone

    - On site estimates

    - Product replacement and installation

    - Installation

    - Routine and one time maintenance

    - Aquarium relocation

    - Pressure wash and Re-paint coral                   inserts

    - Supply fish and food

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